ND Cube 350 IP Panel Meter

ND Cube 350 IP Panel Meter

Northern Design
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The ND Cube IP 350 is a cost effective Multi-function Panel mount-meter, which has Pulsed output and Accuracy better than class 1.

It also features 'Right First Time' installation aids (kW display,CT,VT and Pulse value displays) that clearly show if the meter had been wired and programmed correctly.

Parameters you can see on the display include: kWh, kVARh, kW, V, A, PF & Hz.

With all the features mentoned above it makes this meter perfect for control panels and switchboards, with an easy to read display and pulsed output this DIN 96 x 96 meter is an ideal choice. The IP communications feature also allows for Pulse or Alarm outputs, allowing for a more accurate and secure way to manage energy usage.

The variety of TCP/IP protocols make this meter very accessible through direct communication with energy management software and building control solutions, without the need for data loggers or concentrators.

The web pages on the IP labeled Cube 350-IP allows the user to view important instantaneous values and access the setup pages to change any parameters if the user requires it.

Technical Specification 

  • System: 3 Phase 3 wire or 3 phase 4 Wire Unbalanced Load
  • Voltage U: 480/277V, 110/63V & 208/120V (optional)
  • Current I: 5 amp, 1 amp or 0.333V
  • Measurement Range Voltage: 20% to 120%
  • Current: 0.2% to 120%
  • Frequency Range Fundamental: 45 to 65Hz
  • Harmonics: Up to 30th harmonic at 50Hz (Option), Individual up to the 15th (Option)
  • Standard: 230V 50/60Hz at 5W max
  • Option: 110V 50/60Hz at 5W max
  • kWh Class 1 per: EN 62053-21 & BS 8431
  • ANSI C12.20: Class 0.5
  • kvarh Class 2 per: EN 62053-23 & BS 8431
  • kW & kVA Class 0.25: IEC 60688
  • kvar Class 0.5: IEC 60688
  • Amps & Volts Class 0.1: IEC 60688
  • Enclosure: DIN 43700 96x96 
  • Dimensions:96x96x83.5mm