How Do I Register My GSM Meter With MeterOnline

MeterOnline is a revolutionary system that allows you to remotely read your GSM meter from anywhere in the world by logging in to the MeterOnline Portal. This Portal then allows you to monitor a range of parameters the meter is designed to read.

  • Readings wirelessly retrieved via mobile communication technology
  • Readings available online 24/7
  • View daily, weekly, monthly and yearly energy profiles via online charting
  • Automate Microsoft Excel compatible meter reading reports
  • Receive automatic alerts and reports via email
  • Automated billing / reading statement capabilities
  • Register additional meters quickly and easily online
  • Complete online energy monitoring and management system
  • One annual subscription includes all communications and data handling
  • Read Smart Meters from multiple manufacturer

You can access the MeterOnline Website Here, once on the website navigate to the register my meter tab and begin the registration process with the 4 digit code on the front of the meter.