What Is An AMR Meter?

AMR is a term used for an electric meter that can dispense automated meter readings at different timing increments. For example most Utility companies will have specific settings on their meters for taking readings every half an hour.

There are 3 different types of AMR device 

  • Advanced meters – a remote reading device, connected to the meter
  • Data loggers – remote reading equipment provided by transporters on larger sites
  • Gas embedded meters – where the remote reading device is integral to the meter

All these different AMR devices create a communication channel between Energy supplier and its business customer. 

This enables energy companies to get real time readings from your meter meaning they will give you accurate bill based on usage and not an estimation based on time of year and property type.

AMR meters are efficient and beneficial to have as it will allow your energy supplier to give you calculated, accurate and flexible tariff based on usage. This also means that you wont need to manually submit meter readings to your energy supplier or need them to come down and take readings every quarter. 

Now an AMR meter is not the same as a smart meter, a smart meter or SMETS meter is a meter with specific communication infrastructure.

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