What Is MID Rules And How Do They Effect Me?

The Measurement Instrument Directive is 2014, is a directive by the European Union . This directive is a particular set of rules meter manufactures have to conform too to ensure and guarantee accuracy of their devices to the end client. 

An MID compliant meter can be identified using the "M" number on the front, the number signifies the year of manufacture for example a 2021 meter it will be "M21" 

MID is not specific to Electric meters only. Gas, Water & Heat meters must also be MID compliant, this means the meter has been sent to an independent lab where the meter paraments and accuracy have been verified and certified.

Meters certified to be MID compliant can then be used for sub billing with guaranteed accuracy. 

The objective of this directive is to ensure fair meter usage and tariff to both tenant and owner, by law if you are sub billing using sub meters you must use MID meters, this directive also states that the Rate per unit you are getting charged must not exceed the Rate Per Unit you are being charged by your energy provider. 

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